My Journey

The Invite

It all started for me in a group meeting back in 1999. I was invited by a friend who wanted my opinion about her decision to join this home-based business company.

I felt the enthusiasm in the room and got a glimpse at the lifestyle of a home based business entrepreneur. I thought to myself that if all I have to do is invite people to the meetings than I would be wealthy in no time.

What do you think happened next?

No one wanted to show up!

I kept doing what I was told but it was hard to adapt. Through years of failures and victories, I learned one of the most essentials skills as an entrepreneur… Marketing!

Fast forward to 2007

I found the internet and decided to get started online with online marketing. I got a glimpse of the huge opportunity to one day work from my home office. I learned everything about internet marketing and how to run a successful business online.

With a lot of work and commitment and amazing mentors I…

Got Started on reaching my goals!

A few years later, I found affiliate marketing and started to build a passive income that has helped me reach my goal of working from my home office or anywhere there is wifi.

Today I am so excited to share all I’ve learned and the most effective principles to getting started online with affiliate marketing.

Here’s 5 Lesson To Avoid My Mistakes

One of the reasons I made it this far is because I never gave up. Even after so many quitting moments. So I figured you could use the encouragement and advice to avoid my costly mistakes.

This 5 lessons I wish I would have known back then but I am happy to share them with you.

  1. Find your talents fast and ignite your passion within.
  2. Learn everything you can about the topic you’re going after and master it.
  3. Chose a mentor to follow and learn from their experience.
  4. Find or create a mastermind to keep you accountable.
  5. Write down a clear plan of action and take massive action!

I Believe Your Message is Important

There is something unique about you. I believe your message is important and your desire to create a lifestyle of financial freedom is most important to you.

I have seen motivated people get started online with high expectations and only to find themselves frustrated and broke. But that’s going to change starting today!

It Starts Here!

'Til this day, I am grateful to my mentors.

I was blessed to have good people along the way that I would study, my mentors. I also read hundreds of books in psychology, sales, marketing, leadership and attended every possible self development training event.

One of my favorite events is the 'Unleash the Power within' by Tony Robbins. This is where I got my passion and purpose that has given me the persistent to keep on moving forward.

I gave up and quit reaching my goals.

On the way to a successful online business, I went through a lot of frustration and disappointment. I over spent money I didn't have and I couldn't make a profit. I thought I was doing horrible and gave up multiple times.

Wish I knew then what I know now.

I learned that the best way to start an online business is leveraging the full potential of affiliate marketing.

Along the way, I also learned 5 things that will help you avoid my mistakes so that you can live a lifestyle of freedom and purpose.

The first thing is to ignite your passion within. Then learn and master your talents. Choose a mentor to follow and learn from their experiences. Find a mastermind group to keep you accountable and finally have a clear plan of action to build a profitable online business.

My favorite part.
Today, I am very grateful for my lifestyle with my amazing wife and sweet children. I have the privilege to work from home or anywhere there is a wifi hotspot. I work in my own home office and get to play with cool tech gadgets for all my business media.

My favorite parts of my business is speaking events, training workshops and connecting with like minded entrepreneurs.

What I believe.

In my early years of marriage I discovered that creating a solid foundation in God and having strong family ties is more valuable than money. I also know that money can make an impact in the right hands.

I believe that God has to come first, family must be second and business has to be third and in this order is how anyone can have a wealthy lifestyle.

What I do today.
I teach success mindset, online marketing and automation technology.

Copyright 2019 by Eddie Sand