​​​​The Solution

So you’re frustrated and overwhelmed because you’re not making enough sales to cover your cost and make a profit online.

You’re not alone.

That was me 5 years ago and you’re right, it sucks!! 

But I found the main reason for not making enough sales.

Not having a clear picture of your "ideal customer".   

Many marketers catch the excitement bug of “making money online” and forget one crucial component to their startup…

Market Research

I know that most affiliate marketing companies will not give you clear instructions or even mentioned this component of your online business.

Why not?

Well, market research for us online marketers is something that we will always be working on, so there is not one set of rules to use for ever and ever.

There is always change.

So what can you do?

You can start with a solid foundation.

#1 - Understand the solution your product or service provides.

#2 - Be very clear who you want to attract as your ideal customer.

#3 - And always improve your message.

Understanding your target market takes practice and patience. This is why most marketers won’t do it. It takes too long.

But there is great news!

Technology has changed how we do market research.

Here is what’s available for you...

  • Get the demographics of your ideal customer. Use Facebook ads.

  • Engage with your market using Facebook groups, forums and blogs.

You will see 100% or more increase on your sales when you take action with this information above.

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